Dear friends,

In the face of adversity, I turned setbacks into opportunities, emerging stronger and more committed to my community. The 2006 recession disrupted my thriving real estate and window cleaning businesses, jeopardizing our plans to clear debt. Despite the challenges, I persevered, juggling multiple jobs to support my family.

Drawing on my military background, I navigated the tough times with discipline and resilience. The recession cost us our home and business, but family support remained constant. The turning point came in 2010, allowing me to rebuild my real estate career and contribute actively to my community.

Having been a part of Lacey since childhood, I immersed myself in local activities during the rebuilding phase. From City Council to the Chamber of Commerce, I dedicated myself to Lacey's well-being. Life's seasons taught me that challenges eventually yield to brighter times.

Since overcoming the recession, I've thrived personally and professionally. Now a grandparent, I cherish woodworking, golf, fishing, and travel. As a REALTOR® with over two decades of experience, I prioritize building familial connections with clients, guiding them through every real estate stage. I am hands-on, attentive to details, and committed to supporting dreams beyond transactions.

Embarking on your real estate journey, rest assured that I'll treat your goals like family. As your lifelong real estate consultant, my dedication extends well beyond the deal's conclusion. I genuinely care about your success and our community.


Ed Kunkel